Regenesi Leather Collection

"Dainese, Italian and worldwide leader in the production of motorcycling and dynamic sports protective garments, meets Regenesi and together launch a collection of travel, work and leisure fashion accessories made with the most famous riders’ leathers suites. 
Each item is an exclusive piece, 100% handmade by Italian leather artisans. Besides the green connotation, the emotion that each product can arouse is unique and extraordinary!" 

The images provided are only representative.  Each item is made from different suits so each is completely unique in both color and details. 

Card Holder   $79.95

Belt   $169.95

Bifold Wallet   $199.95

Keyholder   $59.95

Tablet Cover   $84.95

Accessory/Money holder   $74.95

Smartphone Cover   $54.95