My passion for motorcycling began in the 60’s as a young girl.

   My mother used to take me, as her passenger on her motorcycle through the western suburbs. She was a hill climber and we attended various regional races.

   Back in those days there wasn’t much offered in gear for women. Riders and my mother would have to try to find gear that fit properly out of the men’s selections. We have come a long way since then!
   I have worked in the motorcycle industry for two decades from the dealership level to manufacturing and distribution. My work has taken me to all but three states in the USA, as well as many places overseas. I have met racers, industry leaders and amazing people along the way and I have loved every minute of it!

Through the years I have ridden off road and sport. Now I prefer to cruise and tour on my Harley.



It all started on my uncle's farm at the age of 3. I learned to ride on a 50cc dirt bike, which fueled my passion for motorcycles. Over the years I moved from larger and larger dirt bikes until I eventually owned my first sportbike at the age of 17. I found myself constantly finding excuses to ride and gravitating towards motorcycles and gear as a line of work. I love being in this line of work and love talking about bikes!! BRAAAPPPP!